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Riders of Theoden vs Azog's Hunters Destroy the Supplies

My third league game is against Eric and his Azog's Hunters list. Eric is always a joy to play and is the guy that got me into MESBG! So... thanks Eric! As usual we rolled for three scenarios: Destroy the Supplies, Hold Ground, and Reconnoiter. I vetoed Hold Ground and Eric vetoed Reconnoiter. So, for the second time in the league, I was playing Destroy the Supplies! His army was considerably more mobile than the Rivendell force. I was really eager to face these guys as they are an army that really appeals to me!

The cobblestones on the mat make these pictures kinda trippy....


  • Theoden with Armored Horse & Shield
    • 4x Royal Guard with Horse & Throwing Spears
  • Eomer with Armored Horse, Shield, & Throwing Spears
    • 4x Riders of Rohan with throwing spears
  • Gamling with Horse and Royal Standard
    • 2x Royal Guard with Horse & Throwing Spears
  • Dernhelm with Throwing Spears
    • 1x Rider of Rohan


  • Bolg on Fell Warg
    • Hunter Orc with Banner on Fell Warg
    • 3x Hunter Orc on Fell Warg
  • Fimbul the Hunter
    • 4x Hunter Orc with Orc Bow
  • Narzug on Fell Warg
    • 7x Hunter Orc with Orc Bow
    • 5x Hunter Orc
  • Yazneg on Fell Warg with Lance
    • 2x Fell Warg

It was a really fun rainy day with two tables setup so we could get through some league games!

The table layout

Post Deployment

Rohan's lines as they prepare to charge!

Bolg on his trusty warg "Longboi"

The opening turn sees a Heroic March from Gamling, and Rohan closes the gap very very quickly. Throwing spears knock out Bolg's Warg and take down one hunter orc atop a warg, though his warg is brave and sticks around.

Following that, a few turns back and forth see the game swinging pretty wildly. 3 Royal Guards go down in one turn. The "Death!" turn is a disaster, seeing no real benefit to Rohan... but the fights start to turn in their favor.

As the scrum in the middle turns into an absolute furball... 

Dernhelm works her way up the flank to start clearing objectives.

Theoden falls to Bolg but the Rohirrim are doing their job and tying them up while Riders break off to go score objectives!

In the end, only Eomer, Eowyn, Merry, and one Rider stand for Rohan. While courage checks see orcs flee in droves and only Bolg, Fimbul, and one hunter orc remain. The last turn sees Eomer put a wound on Bolg AND the orc banner run away.

Rohan scores 6 for destroying all 3 objectives, 1 for a wound on Bolg, and 1 for breaking the orcs. Azog's Hunters scores 2 for killing Theoden, and 1 for breaking Rohan. Final score is an 8-3 for Rohan.

This was a fun one that, honestly, could've gone either way... but I think the turn one heroic march really allowed me to put the orcs on their backfoot and had an early advantage! Great game, looking forward to the next few!


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